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What you’ll GET:

  • Live in Person Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Live Online Video Calls
  • Private FB Groups for Networking
  • Life Empowerment Resources
  • Guidance and Support
  • Community and Connection

What you’ll DO:

  • Heal Childhood Wounds
  • Crush your Limiting Beliefs
  • Create Positive Habits
  • Build a Recovery Foundation
  • Discover Your Passion and Purpose
  • Get clear on your goals

What’s our FOCUS:

  • Career and Finance
  • Marriage and Family
  • Personal Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Spirituality and Mindfulness

Imagine 30 days from being more self-aware, owning your life decisions and no longer asking what if? No man or woman is self-made, but built-up by champions around them. Joining a group means we figure it out together, what’s holding your back, what’s blocking you from the life you want & how to reconnect with your wildest dreams?

Our members become independent by overcoming conflict & trusting their intuition. If you join us, people in your life will start to notice the change, maybe even before you do. Your confidence when you walk into a room, the questions you ask and the positive presence you attract are all side-effects of unlocking your potential.

At SHAIR SPACE we skip the harsh criticism, there’s nothing but love in here! Our community is raw, real and at times hilarious. The strength of each group is built on like-minded motivation and experience.

We offer three simple ways to get the most value from SHAIR SPACE.

Recovery Community


Mastermind Group


One on One Coaching



Omar Pinto is a blessing to all the lives he touches…Since I’ve joined his SHAIR family I learned to have more compassion, empathy and love for not just myself but all my brothers and sisters.. What he brings to the lives of many is priceless. .He lives and breathes to help us all see a higher quality of life…And that we all deserve the best…He’s a carrying family oriented man and I’m very honored to be a part of his dream of helping others…In Omar’s words HP Baby…thank you.

Annette Dwyer

“Omar is a truly humble individual and has a heart of gold. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by O in 2016 on The SHAIR Podcast.  His interview style is sincere, warm, friendly and talking with him felt like talking to a longtime friend even though we had just met.  I am eternally grateful to O for giving me the opportunity to share my story with him and his listeners.  Because of O’s generosity and dedication to helping others in recovery he has given me and many others a well-documented account of our own recovery experience.  I’ve benefited in several ways from listening to his podcast and being a member of his FB addiction recovery group. O is a blessing and I am honored to call him a friend and to be one of his Admins for the SHAIR Podcast – Addiction Recovery Group!”

Gaby Campagna

Omar has touched so many people’s lives through his podcast and private accountability group. Omar is truly caring and is paying his gift of sobriety forward.   When you can touch people and change their lives as Omar has done, that is richness and a purpose that comes only from God!

Jude Whitman

I’ve known O for about 11 yrs. He is an important person in this journey of recovery which we share.  O is a very relatable person. It’s easy to find similarities with him because he is so open and honest about his life. He is very compassionate. When I’ve needed him he has always been there for me. With advice, with suggestions and with a lot of love. O is a positive in my life. He will always add to it. His passion for recovery inspires everyone around him. The truth is that it’s a privilege to have him in my life.

Valerie Loeb

“I consider Omar to be a vital member of my “Mastermind” group, a diverse group of individuals that I rely on for guidance.  I can always rely on Omar to be brutally honest and to have excellent suggestions for how to proceed.  I emphasize ”suggestions” rather than advice since Omar allows me to come to my own conclusions.  He just helps me see all of my options and helps to point out the pros and cons of each.

Omar is also an inspiration when it comes to entrepreneurship.  Omar has taken giant leaps of faith with no safety net in his professional life and has come out a winner.  You simply cannot go wrong working with Omar, or as his colleagues call him by his nom de guerre, “O”!

Steve Combes

In the deepest, darkest, moment of my addiction, Omar and the SHAIR Podcast was a lighthouse guiding me towards a life of sobriety. Before I had ever uttered to another human being that my life had become unmanageable because of alcohol, I reached out through the internet for help, and SHAIR was there. I’ve listened to every available episode: before, during, and after getting sober. With encouragement from the SHAIR family, I found my way into a 12-step program, which helped me escape the bondage of addiction and begin the work of becoming the best, most authentic version of myself. Even today, nearly a year and a half sober, when something wonderful happens, I reach out to my SHAIR family first. And when life throws me a curveball, my SHAIR family is there to provide support. Thank you, Omar, for helping me get my life back by giving a voice to recovery.

Rebecca Spuller

“O”mar Pinto made an immediate connection with my Atman, my Soul, my Spirit! His impact as my “Life Experience Specialist” showed me he wears his Values on his sleeve as he Serves our Recovery Community and Advocates Openly for the Future of everyone! His energy is contagious and his unconventional Love & Faith has proven to be the sharpest tool in not only my Recovery… but the Recovery of my fellow Peers across this World we call Earth!

Chris Falck

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