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One on One Coaching – A Personal Invitation

“We will act consistently with our view of who we truly are, whether that view is accurate or not.”  – Tony Robbins

Whatever hole you’ve dug for yourself better have room for one more because I’m ready to jump in there with you! We’ve all had lousy days or stopped enjoying life from time to time, but if you are getting overwhelmed by lousy months and years with no idea why you can’t catch a break to get ahead, it’s time for some serious change.

As a Life Coach I specialize in the following areas:

  • Finding your Soulmate
  • Building confidence
  • Happiness and Fulfilment
  • Navigating through Divorce
  • Healing Childhood Wounds
  • Replacing negative habits with positive ones
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Identifying what is holding you back
  • Removing and reframing limiting beliefs
  • Getting clear on your goals
  • Establishing core values
  • How to extinguish Anger, Guilt and Shame
  • Finding the career or business you love
  • Creating healthy limits and boundaries in all of your relationships
  • Living with passion and purpose

I have been coaching and mentoring individuals successfully for over 10 years. The most important thing I can teach you is that the answers to all of these intrusive and uncomfortable questions are inside of you at this very moment. You just need the right guide to help navigate the journey to your success.

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable and vulnerable when asked to look at ourselves through a microscope. If you want to run away from looking farther or feel like it’s not possible to change your life all I ask is that you schedule one 20 minute call to see if working with me is the right fit for you. I’ve attracted a loving community of members to SHAIR SPACE because I won’t judge you, I’ll always fight for you and I see your fears as a door we can break down together.

Let me assure you that the reason I can guide you through these questions successfully is because after much avoidance, I was able to ask for help and allow someone else to guide me towards becoming fully self-actualized. If you’re not sure what that means we’ll cover that as well.


Omar Pinto
Let me be your guide!

Coaching Packages

Life Coach 3 Month Executive Package

3 months – $1,182 includes 7 sessions (Get 1 hour FREE) one hour session every 2 weeks

Life Coach 3 Month Premium Package

3 months – $2,364 includes 14 sessions (Get 2 hours FREE) two hour sessions every 2 weeks




**requires a 20 minute screening to qualify.

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